Welcome to my finally fanart section. There is no sense in asking you not to steal these because you're going to anyways if you like them and I can't stop you. I do get the privilage of telling you that you shouldn't bother with direct linking cause this server that I use disallow that hehe could be why I use them. But you are welcome to view and give me credit. But since this is the net it's every boat for themselves. But I can tell you this did you know that it's a crime to steal things and claim them as their own. Some people might even suggest that they drew these and that may be so but I'm famous for making mirror images of pictures so don't come jumping down my throat over the fact that these might be yours. The only way that they can be yours if, umm, they held that lil thing called an autograph and/or date and sometimes I get excited and even copy that because I like the character fonts cause I'm weird as some if not all have encountered already.. Hope you enjoy and from time to time I will be adding new stuff just whenever I get the time to draw.

Hopefully while you were reading this the page has loaded out some, well if not then I'm sorry gotta wait it out cause it is not like the pics on the other side on the pics page this one is entirely different. Cause something tells me that no one is going to be coming to this page very much anyways....so here are the pics...enjoy